Custom Beach flags

Custom Beach flags

Beach flags can easily be ordered online through our website. Before ordering a beach flag and choosing the model size and options, it's important to know the location and how you want to use the flag.

First you have to choose a model, then the size and options.

If you want to use the beach flags inside you need to take a look at the height of your ceiling. There are also situations where a larger beach has a greater advantage. If you think about a car dealer or a concert you want to have the information visible above the cars or the crowd. An extra small beach flag or a small beach flag is not a good solution in this situation but you could choose for a medium or large size beach flag. In that case you can choose to put the information at the top of the flag.

These beach flags are ideal for events, exhibitions and activities with a short duration.

The pole and base can be reused so only need to be purchased once. To set up a new campaign only the individual beach flags need to be ordered.

115 gr / m2 Polyester

Matte material is used as standard for our printed beach flags.

This material is excellent for full color printing because of the perfect ink absorption, which also makes it UV resistant (depending on the location) and easily washable.

This material has 80-90% of printing visible on the backside of the flag thanks to dye sublimation printing techniques.

Beachflag pole

The beach flag pole cane be spit in pieces and is made of high quality and lightweight aluminium giving a long lifetime.

Beachflag base options

All the bases allows 360 degree rotation and are suitable for 2  inches pole.

Plastic Water Base. This is our selection of base to use with the larger sizes beachflags. The handle makes it easy to move your beachflag, even if the holder is filled with water.

Cross Base. The black cross base is ideal for quick and easy set up of your beach flag for exhibitions and indoor use. Suitable for hard surfaces.

Ground Spike. The ground spike is the most popular accessory for sandy ground. The ground pin is made of Steel, and is easy to transport and install.